Just cause I’m that crazy, I’ve tried to find all lives of “A Good Man” that ever exists (not a fancams, some decent videos). I’ve put in the post my favorite one - the remix they did for BS2009, with sax. And - rather than putting here vids with high view rank, I’ve tried to find more HQ ones.

Radio: 080909 080912 [all this was w/o Dae, cause he was filming]
[2008] Stand Up Tour: TBS DVD (lost this version, seeking for replacement)
[2010] Electric Love Tour: TBS DVD

|| I’m sorry If I’m annoying you lately with this song.

Because Sami reminded me about one of the most perfect song BB has and I’ve remembered how crazy I was before, so here are all existing life performances of the “Good Man”

This song is amazing. And it’s a pity people talk so rarely about it.

first time i heard this song, i put it on loop for days till reaching 200plays